The bestsellers we have in stock. In case of a special order, the delivery time is in range of
two monts.

Yes, the price depends on the size. Just send us an old bellow or frames and we will take care of everything else.
You can choose the fabric pattern, the number of folds on the bellows, but also the shape and color of the corners. More information here.

No If you are interested in trying out selected accordion, you can visit our production in Hořovice by appointment.

No, but you can have your accordion repair in our repair shop. More informationhere.

Every producer of reeds has his own knowhow. For our accordions we use reeds from Czech producer – Harmonikas Louny
which we are very satisfied with and so are our customers. On your request we can use italian reeds for your accordion.
If you want to know the exact difference between various types of reeds, we fully recommend you to visit our production in Hořovice and try to play different types of accordions. You can also have a look on video of different types of accordions directly on the web site.
Closer description of reeds we use, you will find on this page: REED TYPES.

Playing accordion you can hear the same tone while pulling or pushing the bellow. It is so called chromatic accordion. We have piano or button accordions. Diatonic accordions are always with buttons and on one button you can hear two different tones. One while pulling the bellow and one while pushing it. Deep heligon basses are typical for a diatonic accordion.

The harmonica is a general term for any instrument that has metal tabs inside – this includes, for example, a mouth harmonica. An accordion is the exact designation of an instrument that has keys or buttons in the right hand and buttons in the left hand. Sometimes the term harmonica also refers to a diatonic accordion.


The cassotto is an interior space in the right hand, which is used only in larger four-voices accordions. Before the tone leaves the instrument,
it bounces off the cassotto walls several times, making the sound significantly softer. We offer cassotto in Chorál 120 CASSOTTO, or Carmen 96 CASSOTTO.

Yes, in addition to the standard size of the first and second bass (the first two octaves in the left hand), we also offer larger bass, the so-called BB74 bass – the instrument has a more pronounced bass sound. Accordion with concert basses is e.g. CARMEN 96 PREMIUM. We also put heligon basses in four-voices accordions according to the wish of the customer.

These are the largest and strongest basses that are ever put to an accordion and are the same size as the basses in a diatonis accordion. This makes the sound of the left hand very pronounced. Such an accordion has a wide range of music from folk music to Argentine tango. We use heligon bass from the Italian company Cagnoni. We put heligon basses into Carmen or Chorál, also into button accordions Sonorex 96 – 120.

Yes, we can offer mussette tuning according the wish of the customer.

You can hear the musette tuning most often when you play French chanson. This tuning works on the principle of fine-tuning three tones in the same octave. The middle tone stays tuned the same, the second tunes a little lower and the third tunes a little higher than the base tone. The result is a specific sound that players around the world have fallen in love with. 

Yes If you are interested in microphones, do not hesitate to contact us.

At this moment not. As soon as it is technologically possible, we will start the production of free-bass accordions about which you will be informed about on our website. 


Yes, for the beginners we have created HLAVÁČEK WOODY model.

Yes, you can choose any tuning (B-Es, Es-As,…) We have reeds for the most frequently used tunings in stock, in the case of an above-standard order, the delivery time is around two months.


It all depends on the condition of the accordion and the extent of the repair. For an accurate calculation, we must first see the accordion. The minimum price of the repair is CZK 500 and if you are interested in the repair, do not hesitate to contact us.



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