Exclusive piano model Carmen with heligon bass. Are you attracted by the typical sound of a diatonic accordion, but you can’t play it or you don’t want to leave your favorite accordion? Carmen FOLK has 37 keys, 4 voices in the right hand and strong heligon bass in the left hand. In addition, it is musette tuned and with the best A MANO reeds. No one will know you don’t play diatonic accordion if you have our Carmen FOLK.


Price 83 900 CZK

accordion with heligon bass

Hlaváček 1934

The long-awaited four-row model is inlaid with original brass inlays with a motif of butterflies and vine leaves.

Choose the tuning you want and play any melody on our new diatonic accordion with four rows.


Price from 109 900 CZK.

čtyřřadá heligonka


Do you like the look of old traditional diatonic accordions? Then you will like this model in a variant with three rows of buttons. We continue the traditional production of luxury heligons from the period of 1920’s with the best A MANO BRASS reeds.


Price from 94 900 CZK

Nová heligonka s tradičním vzhledem Delicia


Perfectly full sound – four-voice button accordion SONOREX 120 / IV. The model is our novelty in 2021 and is intended for all players who are impatiently waiting for a cost-effective four-voice button model ideal for studying at a conservatory. In the right hand you will find more tones than on our largest piano accordion with four voices. The left hand is complemented by concert five-voice basses BB74, which in the range of 120 bass in the left hand allows you to comfortably play a song in any key. Choose any color of the accordion. You can choose C-system or B-system.


Price from 89 100 CZK.

čtyřhlasý knoflíkový akordeon