Diatonic accordions

Diatonic accordions are among the most popular folk instruments. However, they are also added to their popularity by contemporary music performers, such as Jarek Nohavica, who proves that you can play practically everything on a diatonic accordion and that playing this traditional musical instrument is not difficult at all. We are the only manufacturer and owner of the trademark of traditional diatonic accordions from the Hlaváček brand with more than a century of history. We produce diatonic accordions according to old procedures and methods using the highest quality materials and with maximum attention to detail, so that your children and grandchildren can also play this beautiful instrument. Even children can easily learn to play the diatonic accordion due to its low weight. For beginners, we recommend the two-row retro d-accordion Hlaváček WOODY, for demanding heligonists the model with brass inlays and mother-of-pearl Hlaváček MOSAZ with the best reeds A MANO brass. Choose from our wide range of models, or have a diatonic accordion assembled to order exactly according to your wishes and ideas.