Piano accordions

Do you want to start playing the accordion? Piano accordions are suitable for both children and adults. Pianists will learn them very easily, but even if you have not played any musical instrument yet, piano accordion is an ideal choice. If you are looking for an accordion for children, choose from our Junior line. These models are also suitable for self-taught or active players, for whom standing and moving play is a matter of course. The Arnaldo model line is a golden mean for everyone, including music school students. These models are very popular in music schools for their range and light weight. Professionals and advanced players as well as demanding beginners will be thrilled by our Carmen series, which we now also offer in the PREMIUM version with a bass range from E. Your accordion will have a perfect “bass” sound. We will recommend the Choral model to all demanding players due to its large range of 41 keys, and it is also possible to supplement it with chin registers. All our accordions are equipped with high quality reeds made in the Czech Republic. On request, we also install Italian reeds in all accordions.