Type of reeds

The choice of reeds has a major effect on   of your accordion. 

 Based on many years of experience, we have selected such reed types for which we guarantee constant tuning, good onset of tones, long life and, above all, great sound. We produce instruments that we can stand for, that’s why we use exclusively the reeds of the Czech manufacturer Harmonikas spol. s r.o.



Middle class of reeds The plate is duralumin and the tongue is made of spring steel. Thanks to this, the reed holds the tuning perfectly and guarantees a pleasant instrument sound. This reed type offers the best price / performance ratio and is suitable for beginners or undemanding professionals.

You can find SPECIAL reeds in:


The best quality type of reeds It is manufactured using electro-erosive machining technology, which guarantees the highest possible accuracy. The reeds are great in pianissimo and they can manage extreme forte without any problems. This class will be appreciated by professionals and demanding players who want only the best.

We recommend A MANO reeds for:

pianoandbutton accordions, from which you expect maximum sound.


This class continues the tradition of the old German reeds. The reeds plates are made of brass or zinc, and thanks to that they have a specific strong tone color. They are characterized by a light tone, they react quickly to playing in pianissimo and fortissimo. We only give these reeds to diatonic accordions.


This type of reeds we install in our model Hlaváček MOSAZ They are a combination of the highest quality A MANO reeds and a brass reed plate, which guarantees a perfect velvety yet distinctive tone with immediate response in both pianissimo and fortissimo.


Type of reeds

Typ hlasů